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Top Five CPI Blogs of 2017

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Each week, more than 4,000 Chatsworth Product (CPI) Cross-Connect Blog subscribers receive up-to-date information on a variety of topics. From effective cable management to zinc whiskers, we've provided a compilation of our most read blogs of 2017 below. In addition, we're always looking to provide you with relevant information. Please suggest blog ideas for 2018 and provide feedback by using the comment feature at the end of this blog.

1 3 Free Tools for an Effortless Design Layout  

To make your IT room design layout simpler, CPI offers free Visio and CAD Shapes of many of our popular products. Whether you need to simply brainstorm layout ideas or actually draft a new space architecture, these shapes are available for quick and easy set up. CPI also has an expansive suite of 3-D drawings for Building Information Modeling (BIM), developed professionally to assist customers with projects utilizing Autodesk® Seek software, which is one of the most comprehensive digital tools for drafting and designing an ideal installation. 

Access these free tools.



NEMA 4 vs. NEMA 12: How Much Protection Do You Need?  

When it comes to electrical enclosures, knowing where it will be used and the level of protection required are two important considerations. The National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) has established a scale from 1 to 13 to help identify which type of enclosure will best protect the enclosure and equipment inside. 

However, selecting an enclosure with the wrong rating is one of the most common errors when specifying a NEMA enclosure. This can result in inadequate protection for equipment, leading to wasted time and money.

Read the blog for selection considerations.



Worst Examples of Cable Management and How to Prevent Them  

Cables here, cables there, cables everywhere! If you dread walking into your server room to troubleshoot a network issue because of bad cable management or worse, dread having to give higher-ups a tour of your facilities, then it’s about time to straighten up your cable management system.

Before we discuss solutions to help you get more organized, let’s look at some examples of horrible cable management. Be warned: some of these examples may just make you cry; we know we did.

View photos in this blog. 

4.jpgWhat are Zinc Whiskers and How Can You Prevent Them?

Not to be confused with the five o’clock shadow one might sport after pulling an all-nighter updating servers, “zinc whiskers” actually refer to tiny surface crystals that form on steel surfaces that have been electroplated (galvanized) with zinc to prevent rust.

In the data center, these zinc whiskers can form on items such as raised floor tiles and other infrastructural support such as cable runway and tray that have a zinc-electroplated coating. In the event that zinc whiskers physically detach from their surfaces and enter a data center’s airflow (before ever being detected or impeded by air filters), these electro-charged particles can cause short circuits and other equipment failure.

Get tips to help prevent equipment failure. 

5Standard Wall-Mount Cabinet Supports IT Demands of Growing Public Schools with Limited Space

With the goal of enhancing student achievement through school improvement and renovations, Henrico County Public Schools in Virgina realized the importance of having the right technology when it came to providing a top-quality learning environment. 

To support growing IT infrastructure while using minimal space, Henrico County selected CPI’s Standard Wall-Mount Cabinets, two-post racks, cable managers and cable runway.

CPI's Standard Wall-Mount Cabinet is a structurally advanced, metal enclosure designed to store and secure network and communications equipment in smaller, often complex spaces. Implementing flexible, space-saving IT infrastructure product like the Standard Wall-Mount Cabinet can provide new opportunities for schools with rooms already allocated for technology equipment.

Learn more about the Standard Wall-Mount Cabinet. 

Don't forget to suggest a topic! Use the area below to suggest a topic for 2018 and don't forget to subscribe to the Cross-Connect Blog. 

Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager

Posted by Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager at 01/02/2018 03:13:34 PM

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