Chatsworth Products (CPI) Offers Second Generation EF-Series EuroFrame™ Cabinet to European Market | Chatsworth Products
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Chatsworth Products Offers Second Generation EF-Series EuroFrame™ Cabinet to European Market

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Chatsworth Products (CPI) recently released its second generation EF-Series EuroFrame™ Cabinet—designed specifically for the European market. The second generation CPI cabinet is designed to minimize deployment time and resources by offering a quick and easy-to-install EF-Series EuroFrame Gen 2 Cabinetstorage solution, while still providing the high performance required by today’s modern European data centers. 

In the face of restricted budgets, data centers still require progressive cabinet solutions that allow for scalability and network upgrades, while supporting airflow and cable management best practices.

“CPI recognizes that the European data center market is currently undergoing a massive period of change with data center managers being driven to create greater levels of efficiency, while on a restricted budget. By taking the EuroFrame Cabinet to the next level, with the EuroFrame Gen 2, we are confident that we will be able to continue meeting and exceeding European data centers’ ever-evolving need for speed of deployment, optimum cable management, greater airflow control and more desirable aesthetics,” Luca Rozzoni, CPI Sr. Product Manager for Europe explains.

Key features include:

  • High static load of 3300 lb (1500 kg)
  • Standard design configuration includes 78% perforated front and rear doors to support optimal front-to-rear airflow management
  • Allows for scalability and network upgrades
  • Brush covered cable openings in top panel provide easy access for overhead cabling
  • Lockable two-piece side panels for easier handling provides quick access to equipment and cables
  • Available in several standard configurations, including 42 rack-mount units (U), 45U and 47U, 600 mm and 800 mm widths and 829 mm, 1029 mm and 1229 mm depths
  • Vertical Exhaust Duct configuration for high-density applications
  • Sized to match industry standards 

“The EuroFrame Gen 2 Cabinet provides a cost-effective server and network equipment storage solution for data centers,” commented Julian Riley, CPI Regional Sales Director & General Manager for Europe. “It offers excellent control of airflow, allowing data centers to reduce energy cost, while still providing adequate cable management, as well as distinctive aesthetics.”

The EuroFrame Gen 2 Cabinet, along with its matching airflow, cable and power management accessories, provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for today’s modern European data center. Find out more by visiting the product page.

Luca Rozzoni, CPI Sr. Product Manager, Europe

Posted by Luca Rozzoni, CPI Sr. Product Manager, Europe at 10/24/2017 06:34:07 AM

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