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Corning Optical Communications, a leader in fiber optics, is committed to redefining innovation in the data center. This never-ending drive to solve customer problems ensures that Corning works closely with Chatsworth Products (CPI) to develop solutions for tomorrow’s data center technologies today.

Through this collaboration, CPI has developed a variety of versatile cable management products that complement Corning’s cabling solutions. CPI and Corning are aligned to optimize performance, promote density, and provide smart flexibility for future growth. 

Rely on CPI to provide customizable products to help store, manage, and protect your Corning cabling. 

Watch Corning's Fiber 101 training video for a short tutorial detailing the basics of optical fiber, its composition, and its capabilities.


Fiber Bill-of-Material Tool

Corning's LANscape® Solutions Bill-of-Materials Tool makes it fast and easy to select the fiber optic products you need for your local area networks. 

Select the fiber optic products you need, modify as needed, and save the projects on your own computer.

Download your free copy.

6/9/2023 6:36:29 PM