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Power Management

CPI Power Management Solutions


Protecting your technology investment.

As business reliance on rapid and readily available technology continues to rise, enterprise data centers, colocation providers and premise network facilities need power management solutions that support today’s rising power densities and remote monitoring requirements.

Chatsworth Products (CPI) provides an extensive line of power management products and technology that deliver safe and efficient power distribution to all applications. Ranging from the innovative features of eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs), such as CPI’s new, patented Click Secure Locking Outlets and Secure Array® IP Consolidation, to basic Power Strips and In-Line Meters, each of CPI’s power management products are specifically designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. 

eConnect PDUs
eConnect PDUs are advanced, intelligent PDUs with high ambient temperature ratings, optional Click Secure Locking Outlets to prevent accidental disconnections and Secure Array IP Consolidation to group up to 32 PDUs under one IP address. eConnect PDUs provide detailed monitoring and control down to the outlet level. They are available in vertical and horizontal configurations and are ideal for use in today’s high-density data centers.

Power Wedge PDUs
Power Wedge PDUs are high outlet density 1U/2U horizontal intelligent PDUs for tight spaces.

PDUs provide small to medium density power distribution with optional local meter. They are available in vertical and 1U horizontal configurations.

Power Strips
Power Strips offer basic, dependable low-density power distribution with optional surge protection and local metering capabilities. They are available in vertical and horizontal configurations.

Monitoring Software
Monitoring software turns the data collected by eConnect PDUs or other intelligent PDUs into actionable information. Users can build custom dashboards that show power and environmental trends, monitor capacity and alarms, create reports that document usage and cost and group and control devices across racks, rows and sites.

Several power management accessories are available. Temperature and humidity sensors extend monitoring
capabilities, specialized brackets mount PDUs in racks and cabinets and unique input power cords are available for eConnect PDUs. 

PowerScope In-Line Meter

Use PowerScope In-Line Meter to upgrade your basic PDU for real-time power monitoring.When you upgrade a basic and locally metered PDUs with an in-line current meter, you will enjoy real-time power monitoring, which is essential to improving power usage effectiveness (PUE) in your data centers and equipment rooms. Additionally, it will help identify power problems, and track power demand, allowing you to organize IT processes and equipment for the most efficient use of available power.


CPI's Power Management Products are designed to fully integrate into a CPI Rack or Cabinet and Enclosure System to support a wide array of active equipment, and provide safe, efficient distribution of power. You can easily add power accessories to your rack or cabinet order by calling Technical Support. 

Try These Power Tools

eConnect® Online Demo
Test the intuitive interface and functionality of eConnect PDUs.

eConnect Online Tools

Power Selector 
Select the best power product for your application by narrowing down options based on your requirements. You can compare up to four products at once, and then email or print the results.

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