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RMR® Swing Wall-Mount Enclosure

RMR Swing Wall-Mount Enclosure The RMR® Swing Wall-Mount Enclosure provides electronic equipment with NEMA Type 12 and IP 55 rated protection, featuring a three-part design for front and rear access to equipment. Multiple equipment mounting options support IT equipment, automation electronics, electrical controls and instrumentation in nonhazardous indoor locations.

RMR Industrial Enclosure - CPI_RMR_LOGO.pngCPI's RMR Swing Wall-Mount Enclosure is fully welded with robotically applied, formed-in-place foam gaskets and optional sealed cable entry points. These features effectively maintain the enclosure’s NEMA 12 and IP 55 protection ratings, which certify that the equipment is protected from the intrusion of solid foreign objects such as dirt, dust, lint and fibers, as well as noncorrosive liquid ingress such as light dripping and splashing. 

The enclosure features an accessible three-part design that provides front and rear access to equipment, as well as solid or windowed front door equipped with a CH751 key-latch for security purposes. The robust design of the RMR Swing Wall-Mount Enclosure protects personnel from hazardous moving parts and electrical equipment within the enclosure. 

The RMR Swing Wall-Mount Enclosure is a completely sealed, solid enclosure that features many modification possibilities. Many ventilation and cooling options are available to meet airflow requirements, and multiple cable entry points and accessories are available for configuration with short lead time.

Benefits include: 

  • Provides equipment with NEMA Type 12 and IP 55 rated protection against ingress of solid foreign objects and dripping noncorrosive liquids, using advanced formed-in-place foam gasket technology at each opening and cable entry point
  • Enables quick access to the front and rear of equipment through a double-hinged, swing-out design 
  • Supports airflow and cooling options specially certified for industrial applications to maintain equipment cooling requirements outside of normal IT settings and equipment rooms
  • Features attachment points along the front, rear, top, bottom and sides, providing quick and secure mounting of plates, rails and accessories at any point along the frame
  • Allows a complete enclosure solution to be configured under a single part number, including the exact size frame, mounting system, door, gland plates and ventilation that you require 
  • Offers short lead times for modified enclosures– change size or color, and add openings for connections, controls and HMI

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