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Motive® Cable Management System

Motive Vertical Cable Managers - 32610R_MOTIVE_VERT_FAMILY_RGB72.jpg32610R_MOTIVE_VERT_FAMILY_RGB72.jpgMotive® Cable Manager is a highly configurable and advanced cable management solution that provides unlimited adjustment anywhere within the cable manager, optimizing use of interior space.

Motive Cable Manager features an innovative, extrusion-based, integral central track system, and a highly configurable set of tool-less cable management accessories that optimize use of interior space, providing more direct cable runs that are supported precisely where needed.

Motive Cable Manager was carefully engineered to mitigate poor cabling practices regarding cable slack, bend radii and organization. It is highly configurable for a variety of applications, now and in the future. Motive is also well-suited for advanced Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications where higher wattages require adequately-spaced, smaller cable bundles to avoid excessive heat accumulation.

Whether in a small telecommunications room closet or in a large scale enterprise data center, Motive's superior form and functions provide quick and easy moves, add, and changes through intuitive design and tool-less adjustability.

Features include:

  • Frame has an extruded aluminum profile with an integral central track 
  • Large radii are designed into many of the frame elements to protect and support cables as they enter and exit the manager 
  • Touch points are highlighted in blue for easy identification and quick adjustment 
  • Dual-hinged door opens to the right or left and offers push-to close convenience 
  • Hook feature on inside of front door provides a dedicated, secure location to hang a test meter 
  • Available in a wide variety of heights, widths and configurations
  • Ships partially-assembled; minimal assembly required

Accessory Overview Video

4/17/2024 10:22:54 PM