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Training Day at Slugger Field; Final Score - Seven BICSI Credits

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Slugger Field

Yesterday was our training event at Louisville Slugger Field, home of minor league baseball team the Bats. This was a massive day of training, with a total of seven BICSI Continuing Education Credits available through three unique classes. When all was said and done, I called in to Stephen Chew (Accu-Tech) and Phong Pham (Corning Cable Systems) to discuss the event and get their thoughts on how these training events help customers.

"We had a successful day of BICSI training with some of our largest suppliers: Corning, CPI and Quiktron. We had a nice turn out of people who received their BICSI credits, learned about product, and, hopefully, learned how to make a little extra money " says Stephen Chew of Accu-Tech.

Helping Customers Generate Revenue
Phong Pham, Corning Cable Systems, agreed: "To Stephen's point, the ultimate goal is the bottom line. We're looking at how can we help customers generate revenue and increase their bottom-line. It's about choosing the right equipment which increases productivity."

The course was an all day event, lead off by Corning's OTDR & Fusion Splicer Equipment, followed by Quiktron's A/V Connectivity Basics, and Chatsworth Products, Inc. wrapped up with their class: The Cabinet's Place in the Data Center for Thermal Management. Each class was designed to be a hands on and interactive experience rather than a stale lecture.

Bringing Training to You
While a total of seven BICSI CEC's were available, the training was so much more. "Whether you need BICSI credits or not, if you're in the industry, these classes have information you need to know so you can build your business. We try to make these events as fun as possible. We're taking people out of the field for a few hours and by the end of the classes, we hope we've made them better contractors. Our plans are to take this type of training on the road and offer classes which hook people's attention" said Chew.

As to when and where we can expect another major event like this one, Phong says; "Well, I go wherever Chew sends me, that's where I'm going: east coast, west coast, it doesn't matter. The focus is about your network; where it stands today and how to move forward in the future. Many networks aren't ready for the future. We are looking to change that."

Setting Contractors Apart
These events are about the contractor community. We're looking to provide individuals with an edge that sets them apart from their competition. If you have ideas for a training event in your area or particular products you'd like to learn more about, let us know. Brian Brown, Web Development & Internet Marketing, Accu-Tech Corporation 

Posted by Brian Brown, Web Development & Internet Marketing, Accu-Tech Corporation  at 10/11/2011 10:04:12 AM

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