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T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet Now With More Options and CPI Passive Cooling

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The T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet, a full-featured standard solution for mounting and securing electronic, network and security equipment, is now available with more options and CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions.

T-Series SteelFrame CabinetMore Sizes, More Options
The expanded line now includes a 44" (1120 mm) deep cabinet that provides additional space for cable and power management accessories. Select from a total of two widths, two heights and five depths to fit various requirements and applications. Customize your cabinet by selecting the top panel, side panel, door style and mounting rail style you need, or by leaving off any of these choices. The Product Configurator makes it easy!

Passive Cooling for High-Density Applications
The T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet can now be ordered with CPI Passive Cooling thermal management accessories to control airflow and improve thermal performance. This innovative thermal management technique allows you to isolate hot air and control the flow of air throughout cabinet space in turn reducing data center energy costs and maximizing cooling unit efficiency. Thermal accessories include a Vertical Exhaust Duct, Airflow Director, Rear Door Seal Kit, and Air Dam Kit.

New Door and Lock Options
All T-Series SteelFrame Cabinets now feature eight new stylish doors that include a swing handle latch with keyed lock and support front-to rear or front-to-top airflow. All doors can be easily removed or reversed to open from the right or left and can be exchanged between the front and rear of the cabinet.

Reliable Solution
The T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet can be ordered as a fully assembled cabinet, as a frame only (without top, sides or doors) or with the thermal management accessories installed and ready for your high-density data center. All three configurations provide a static load rating of 2000 lb (907.2 kg). Additionally, T-Series SteelFrame Cabinets include a vertical cable manager and two pairs of threaded or square-punched 19” wide, EIA-310-D compliant, adjustable-depth equipment mounting rails that provide front and rear support for equipment and shelves.

Choose from a comprehensive range of accessories that include shelves, cable management, bonding and grounding, casters, power strips and fans for a complete solution.

For more information about the T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet, download the product data sheet or go to www.chatsworth.com/t-series. Have questions or would like to leave a comment? Please use the "Comment" link below. Kim Ream, Sr. eCommerce Specialist

Posted by Kim Ream, Sr. eCommerce Specialist at 10/11/2011 09:41:31 AM

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