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Chatsworth Aquires Epicenter

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EpicenterOn May 19th Chatsworth Products announced its aquisition of Epicenter, Inc.,  an industry leading provider of data center infrastructure management tools to the enterprise and managed services market.

Epicenter provides data center products that address both the growing complexity of managing IT infrastructure spread and the increasing concerns regarding data center operating costs. Epicenter is a leader in delivering systems that provide the capability for advanced data center performance measurement such as compute per watt. Patented KVM solutions, IP-addressable power distribution units and software are all components of Epicenter’s versatile product set delivering centralized cross platform management of servers, network and storage.

PowerScope - Power Management for Data CentersChatsworth’s IT equipment support leadership is exemplified in its pioneering line of server and network cabinet systems utilizing CPI Passive Cooling® technology. By completely isolating hot exhaust air from cool supply air within the data center architecture, CPI Passive Cooling® maximizes server, network and storage equipment cooling efficiencies, thereby reducing operating costs and minimizing impact on the environment. With the integration of Epicenter technology, CPI can now further address today’s urgent customer needs regarding data center power and cooling with one of the most comprehensive solution sets of hardware and software on the market. CPI provides customers with the design assistance, product specification, customization, and implementation support necessary to make a future-proof data center infrastructure a reality.

With this acquisition, Epicenter Inc. becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of CPI and Epicenter’s products are being made available immediately through CPI’s global network of industry leading data communications distributors. We welcome your comments about this aquisition. For additional information read the press release or call 800-834-4969. Kim Ream, Sr. eCommerce Specialist

Posted by Kim Ream, Sr. eCommerce Specialist at 10/11/2011 09:42:31 AM

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