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New 3D Video: Simplify White Space Management with CPI's Cabinet Ecosystem

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Data center complexity is continuing to increase as the deluge of data increases. As a result, the need for cohesive white space management is critical. That process begins with a focus on the data center cabinet (rack) and gaining an understanding of how the elements in the cabinet form an ecosystem to support Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment.

Watch a new, 3D video (below) to learn about the key elements of Chatsworth Products' (CPI) cabinet ecosystem and find out how selecting an integrated solution will help you simplify white space management. 

Key Elements of CPI's Cabinet Ecosystem Include:

  • Structure: The fundamental purpose of an equipment cabinet is to stack equipment vertically. When you select the size of your cabinet, consider the cabinet footprint and the cabinet load bearing capacity.
  • Cable Management / Pathway: The cabinet should include specific and physically separate pathways for power and network cables and mounting locations for power distribution units (PDUs) that minimize interference with airflow through the cabinet. 
  • Power Distribution, Monitoring and Control: With efficient power management, you can boost operational efficiency by managing and monitoring power at the rack- and device-level.
  • Cooling and Airflow Management: An effective airflow management (containment) strategy allows the data center cabinet to support high-density equipment, while bringing in energy efficiency and lowering cooling costs.
  • Environmental Monitoring: It is important to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity levels within the white space, as they have a strong correlation to the overall energy consumption within the data center.
  • Access Control: A networked electronic access control solution at the cabinet level will prevent unauthorized physical access, and it will provide administrators with an audit train of all authorized and unauthorized access attempts.
  • System Integration with DCIM Software: A simple, yet robust DCIM software that helps you visualize trends of all activities in the room and cabinet in a single screen brings the concept of simplified white space management home. 
  • A Single Source Supplier: Easy sourcing, modification of standard products, pre-and post sale services can make overall deployment and management much simpler and economical.

By integrating the data center cabinet with hardware and software into a single platform, you can truly gain visibility and understanding of the different dynamics within the data center to make informed decisions. 

Watch the video below to learn more about CPI's total cabinet ecosystem solution. You can also download the complimentary white paper.



Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 04/10/2018 07:58:36 AM

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