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How Do Advancements in Equipment Storage Help Support Your Network Upgrade? Find Out.

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The impact of emerging technologies may require upgrades to your enterprise network. Before purchasing equipment, it's important to consider advancements in equipment storage and how it may affect your network upgrades.

CUBE-iT™ Wall-Mount Cabinet

Advancements in Equipment Support: Equipment Racks and Cabinets

The standard premise network today includes a PoE switch with higher speed device connections. These switches are generally heavier than non-PoE switches and require a larger battery backup to provide longer runtimes with higher power and equipment. That may mean more heat exhausted from equipment. Bonding is more important with PoE switches and F/UTP, U/UTP, STP shield cables. Physical security for equipment is another growing concern. You may need to place equipment in a shared location or retrofit an enclosure around existing equipment. 

There are several advances in equipment support to address these concerns:

  • Wall-mount enclosures can provide security for network equipment in a shared space. Look for enclosures that are UL® Listed under the NWIN category. This means they meet ANSI/UL 2416, the standard for Audio/Video, Information and Communications Technology Equipment Cabinet, Enclosure and Rack Systems, which requires a load test and integrated bonding. 
  • Next, look for dual-swing enclosures. Dual-swing enclosures open at the front and rear to provide complete access to equipment and cabling. New types of cable openings and removable panels on enclosures allow the enclosures to be placed over existing wall-mounted equipment to retrofit physical security with minimal impact to existing network cabling. 
  • To ensure proper cooling of equipment, fan technology now allows quieter fans, so enclosures can be placed in common areas, such as conference rooms, without adding disturbing background noise.
  • For retrofit applications, there are wall-mount cabinets with special knockouts that allow placement without replacing network connections.

Chatsworth Products (CPI) equipment racks and cabinets provide advanced equipment support solutions that are easy to use and provide precise support. To learn more about how emerging technologies will impact your network upgrades, download a complimentary white paper.

Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 10/16/2018 01:06:47 PM

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