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Introducing Three New CPI Websites in Spanish, Chinese and UK English

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New Translated WebsitesChatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) is excited to announce the official launch of three, brand new localized and translated websites, created especially for our valued customers and colleagues in the United Kingdom, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region.

As you may know, CPI has supported these regions for several years with a dedicated sales and technical staff located just outside London, in Mexico City, and Shanghai. But now, in addition to the personalized and local service these locations provide, we are now making the Chatsworth Products online experience even better by offering each of these regions a completely unique website, written in the Queen’s English, Spanish and Chinese, respectively.

Just as CPI products and solutions help connect networks and systems the world over, these new localized CPI websites will help connect our global customers like never before – a totally immersive web experience, in a preferred language, with detailed information and documentation specific to each region. Plus, a whole new audience can now enjoy an even deeper understanding of CPI and what we have to offer, including:

  • Company Background – learn all about CPI’s history, leadership team, commitment to quality and mission to delight you, the customer.
  • Products – access every piece of information on all products offered in your region, including catalogs, brochures, detailed data sheets, cut sheets, installation instructions and more.
  • Project Design Tools – access CPI’s wide variety of value-added design tools, downloads and other assorted online assets to support your next project with detailed renderings, pre-construction calculations and measurements and completely translated Product Configurator experience to build a project from the ground up.
  • Local Contact Information – quickly access phone numbers, emails and other local contact information for CPI sales and technical support in your region, as well as a full list of local distributors to help complete your order.

Check out to visit our UK English website, to browse our Spanish website, and to view CPI’s website in Simplified Chinese.

Our existing website,, is now considered our global website. It is unchanged and will continue to support all of our products and solutions in U.S. English.

But enough talk! Check out our new, localized websites now and begin discovering just how connected we are! Kristen Kroll-Moen, Global eMarketing Manager 

Posted by Kristen Kroll-Moen, Global eMarketing Manager at 02/09/2012 09:46:17 AM

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