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New KoldLok® and AisleLok™ Thermal Management Accessories Now Available

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Spaces between cabinets and openings for cable access must be properly sealed for any airflow management solution to work properly. To help you keep hot and cold air separate and reduce bypass airflow, CPI has added the following products to our thermal management accessories lineup:

  •  Round GrommetKoldLok® 4” (100 mm) Round Grommet – these small brush grommets use layers of hybrid plastic brush filaments to form a seal around cables, which blocks 92 to 100 percent of air loss
  • AisleLok Acrycell Sealing TapeAisleLok™ Acrycell™ Sealing Tape – with a strong adhesive backing that features easy “peel and stick” installation and will remain securely attached in high temperature environments, the AisleLok Acrycell Sealing Tape seals gaps between and under cabinets. Also features time release expansion to ensure a tight seal between cabinets and other surfaces, is data center safe, non-particulating and RoHS compliant.
  •  AisleLok Under Rack PanelAisleLok Under Rack Panel – seals the gap between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor that can sometimes result from the enclosure being elevated above the raised floor on leveling feet or casters. The panel can be trimmed to match the gap, is data center safe, non particulating and RoHS compliant.

Be sure to check out our entire offering of Thermal Management Accessories here. Jeff Cihocki, Global eContent Specialist

Posted by Jeff Cihocki, Global eContent Specialist at 08/08/2012 09:53:31 AM

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