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Realize the Benefits of Taking an Holistic Approach to Simplify Data Center Operation

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PR-ecosystemThe convergence of technologies into the Internet of Things (IoT), and the increasing demand for lower latency and faster processing, require a holistic approach to the data center. In a new brochure, Chatsworth Products (CPI) discusses how a total cabinet ecosystem is the foundation of a successful data center strategy, and offers end-to-end solutions for every data center application. 

Cabinet Ecosystem Solution 

The most effective and direct path to availability and reliability is promoting the cohesive integration between the cabinet, power distribution, access control, software and the facility itself—establishing a cabinet ecosystem the provides the foundation for simplified, reliable operation. CPI's cabinet ecosystem helps to:  

  • Support equipment: Secure and protect critical equipment in high-density environments.
  • Control airflow: Reduce cooling costs and manage extreme heat with CPI Passive Cooling® technology.
  • Organize cables: Ensure network integrity with minimal airflow interference.
  • Manage power: Monitor and control power down to the individual device with CPI's intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs).
  • Monitor the environment: Ensure equipment is safe from critical environmental conditions with CPI's environmental sensors and probes.
  • Protect equipment: Protect critical equipment and data with CPI's effective, yet simple, electronic access control solutions.
  • Optimize your system: Visualize trends of all activities in the room and cabinet in a single screen with CPI's simple, yet robust, Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software.

What Are the Benefits to Your Data Center?

Continued efficiency requires focus to be on the data center as a whole. Our end-to-end room and cabinet-level solutions can help you:

Reduce Cooling Costs  

  • Realize up to a 90% reduction in cooling and energy costs.
  • Support 4x higher heat and power densities.
  • Have higher Delta T's between the data center cooling air and exhaust air to improve the efficiency of CRAC units.

Maximize Space Utilization  

  • Deploy the latest servers, switches and blade servers from leading manufacturers.
  • Design for future growth.

Optimize Your Site and Stay Compliant

  • Reduce network connection costs and installation time by linking up to 32 PDUs under a single IP address using standard Ethernet cables.
  • Remotely program, monitor and control each cabinet access attempt and keep a log entry.
  • Optimize key performance metrics such as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), power capacity planning and reporting.

Speed Up Deployment

  • Customize a solution to meet unique application needs.
  • Enable easy ordering and delivery with a factory-assembled cabinet solution.

To learn more, download the brochure or visit our data center solutions page.

Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 05/29/2018 02:23:55 PM

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