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Chatsworth Products is a Master of the Art of Cabling

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CPI Masters CablingData Center Knowledge recently featured Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) solutions in its new online series, “The Illustrated Data Center.” Editor, Rich Miller opened the segment discussing how most data centers are recognized for their functionality; however, they are increasingly being noticed for their aesthetics. Miller stated, “With the right perspective, the inside of a data center is a visual feast.”

CPI knows all about how to make the inside of a data center visually appealing, especially when it comes to cabling. Cabling can get messy—literally. However, with CPI’s wide variety of CPI Cable Management Solutions, you can clean up the clutter once and for all. Our solutions manage, maintain and organize cables and cords for maximum network performance.

Pictured in the article are CPI products. Because our Cable Management Solutions optimize the signal quality and network speed of your information exchange, support future growth and cabling demands and simplify network maintenance and costs, CPI has been established by Data Center Knowledge as a “Master of the Art” of cabling. 

View the photos and read the complete article here.

Shannon Erdley, Creative Writer/Public Relations Specialist

Posted by Shannon Erdley, Creative Writer/Public Relations Specialist at 06/21/2013 01:28:39 PM


Great information guys
Posted by: Dennis Miller at 8/22/2013 10:57 PM

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