CPI Joins Anixter and Corning at Efficient Data Center Seminar in Lima, Peru | Chatsworth Products
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CPI Joins Anixter and Corning at Efficient Data Center Seminar in Lima, Peru

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Earlier this summer, Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) joined Corning Cable Systems and distributor partner Anixter at the Business Tower Hotel in Lima, Peru for a special two-day seminar event entitled "New Requirements for Efficient Data Centers."

Attended by a wide variety of directors, managers and decision-makers involved in the design, planning, construction and operation of data centers, CPI’s Technical Manager for Latin America, Victor Banuelos, delivered a series of presentations specifically geared towards thermal management and achieving energy efficiency in the data center. In the photo below (and corresponding photo album here), you can see Victor in action.

CPI Technical Manager in Latin America, Victor Banuelos, presenting in Lima, PeruAcross both days, a strong emphasis was placed on creating harmony between modern, efficient data center design and an adherence to the latest standards and industry best practices.

Especially important in the fast-growing Latin American region, this focus on highly efficient, highly compliant systems is further supported by the emerging interest in data center aisle containment strategies.

As a highly effective method for managing and optimizing thermal management in the data center, containment that utilizes either hot aisle isolation of exhaust heat or cold aisle isolation of chilled supply air is gaining new support in Latin America every day.

And to help our global audience better understand the benefits and value of Aisle Containment strategies, we’re now offering our latest white paper, “How Much Containment is Enough?” in Spanish and Simplified Chinese, as well as English.

To obtain your free copy today, visit this webpage. Jeff Cihocki, Global eContent Specialist

Posted by Jeff Cihocki, Global eContent Specialist at 07/19/2012 07:24:58 AM

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