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Cable Fill Table Gives Cable Fill Values for CPI Cable Management and Pathway Products

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Velocity Cable Management

As connectivity speed increases, cable designs and requirements change, so it’s important to have a go-to solution that can make cable fill calculations as easy as possible.

Chatsworth Products (CPI) developed an intuitive Cable Fill Table, which lists the recommended and maximum cable fill values for all of CPI’s cable management and cable pathway products. These suggestions are based on TIA-569 recommendations.

The table lists usable area for each cable manager and pathway product so you can calculate cable fill for other types of cable. Cable fills are estimates based on .20" OD Cat 5e, .25" OD Cat 6 and .30" OD Cat 6a, 4-pair UTP horizontal cable. (Pro tip: To calculate recommended cable fills for other size cables, divide the product's usable area by the area of the cable and multiply by 25 percent, or 50 percent for maximum fill.)

Available in two formats, portable document file (PDF) and Microsoft Excel, the table allows you to quickly estimate cable fill values based on your cable specification. The spreadsheet automatically calculates fill values up to the limit of the cable manager. 

Because the cable fill ratios for cable management and cable pathway products are different, the products are listed on separate tabs. All you have to do is change the cable size and/or fill ratio (the yellow highlighted fields at the top of the document) to match your cable specification. 

Go here to get more information on CPI Cable Fill Table.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 04/28/2015 11:50:54 AM

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