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Evolution™ Offers Next Generation High-Density Cabling Solutions 

Now Available in More Sizes with Additional Accessories

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. – September 2008 - Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI), the pioneering designer and manufacturer of vertical cable management solutions to organize, store and secure IT infrastructure equipment offers Evolution™ Cable Management, a precision engineered solution for managing high-density cabling applications, in more sizes with additional cabling accessories.

Evolution Cable Management delivers new and more protective vertical and horizontal solutions for managing your investment in Cat 6A high-density cabling on two- and four-post rack systems. With its unique and sought after interior design features, Evolution maximizes cable capacity and performance, while providing a protective high-tech exterior complementing the appearance of the IT environment and coordinating with the look of CPI’s popular TeraFrame™ Family of Cabinets. To help customers fulfill more application requirements, manage larger quantities of cables and achieve customized cabling solutions, CPI has added more sizes and additional cabling accessories to the Evolution Cable Management line of products.

Evolution App 

Evolution Vertical and
Horizontal Cable Managers
on Two-Post Rack System

By adding more sizes, including 8” and 15” widths, 6’ and 8’ heights and 1 and 3 RMU options, Evolution matches additional rack system heights and permits larger quantities of cables to be organized within the manager. Evolution Vertical Cable Managers are now available in five widths and three heights of single and double-sided versions. The double-sided vertical managers contain Moveable Mid-Sections that can be adjusted for greater cable volume flexibility by providing 40/60, 50/50 or 60/40 front/rear split of the interior space, giving customers the ability to match their exact space requirements. Evolution Horizontal Cable Managers are offered in 1, 2 and 3 RMU single-sided versions for horizontally organizing cables on rack systems.  

To provide more customized solutions that fit customers exact high-density cable management needs, Evolution offers additional vertical cable management accessories. The new accessories include:

  • Cable Distribution Spool Spacer – Use the Cable Distribution Spool Spacer to extend the depth of the Cable Distribution Spool so that it aligns with the front of the vertical cable manager. Cable Distribution Spools provide slack management and strain relief for patch cords and jumper cables inside vertical cable managers. Three Cable Distribution Spool Spacers are included with each 10” (250 mm), 12” (300 mm) and 15” wide (380 mm) vertical cable manager.

  • Cable Divider Bar Kit – Patent pending, the Cable Divider Bar Kit splits the interior of Evolution Vertical Cable Managers into separate cable management pathways and provides tie points for cables. The divider bar attaches to the fixed accessory panel inside single-sided vertical managers and the Moveable Mid-Sections inside double-sided vertical managers. Each kit contains four Cable Divider Bars, mounting hardware and can be used with any Evolution Vertical Cable Manger.

  • Solid Rear Panel – The Solid Rear Panel encloses the back of Evolution g1 Single-Sided Vertical Cable Managers to protect cables and provide a more aesthetic look. Easily attach the Solid Rear Panel to the back of the fixed accessory panel with the included hardware.

  • Solid Mid Panel – Choose the Solid Mid Panel to cover and divide the front and rear of Evolution g2 Double-Sided Vertical Cable Managers. Easy to install, the two-piece telescoping assembly covers the width of the manager and attaches to the back of Moveable Mid-Sections inside of the manger with the included hardware. The Solid Mid Panel does not block the attachment of additional Moveable Mid-Sections or other cable management accessories inside of the manger.

  • Solid Side Panel – Provide a finished look to Evolution g2 Double-Sided Vertical Cable Managers located at the end of a row of racks by adding a Solid Side Panel to close off the side. With easy tool-less installation, the Solid Side Panel hangs from the top of the manger and attaches to the bottom with the included snap-in hardware.

  • Evolution Floor Bracket – Secure the base of Evolution Vertical Cable Managers to the floor when located at the end of a row of equipment racks with the Evolution Floor Bracket. Each pack includes 12 light-duty, steel brackets with attachment holes sized for ¼” hardware.



Spool Spacer 

Divider Bar 

Rear Panel 

Mid Panel 

Solid Side Panel 

Floor Bracket 

Cable Distribution
Spool Spacer

 Cable Divider
Bar Kit

 Solid Rear

 Solid Mid

 Solid Side

 Evolution Floor



In addition to the new sizes and accessories available, Evolution includes superior T-shaped cable guides that decrease deflection when loaded with cables. The rounded edge design of the cable guides and at the top of Evolution Cable Managers protects cables as they enter and exit the interior storage space. This type of solid support and protection is especially important when deploying high-density Cat 6a cabling on rack systems.

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