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The Ultimate Data Center Equipment Cooling Solution
Presented by CPI and Uptime Technology


WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. – October 2007- Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI), a leading manufacturer that sets the benchmark by providing superior structural support to organize, store and secure IT infrastructure equipment, together with Uptime Technology, BV, unveiled a solution that solves the problem of data center equipment cooling at this years Power and Cooling Summit in London.

This solution revealed how to reduce electrical usage and decrease the carbon footprint for cooling data centers by over 80%, while providing a means to air cool power densities four to five times higher than conventional wisdom previously claimed possible. Ian Seaton, CPI’s thermal expert and R.M. (Mees) Lodder of Uptime Technology, presented this solution during the green workshop, “An Energy Saving Strategy for Cooling High Density Green Data Centers” at the Power and Cooling Summit.

Mr. Seaton began the workshop by stressing the need to make a paradigm shift from regarding server cabinets as enclosures for storing servers, to identifying them as the central architectural feature of the data center for securing isolation between the room’s cold air and hot exhaust air. After explaining the cabinet features required to secure and maintain this isolation, Mr. Seaton went on to outline the economic and cooling performance benefits of this isolation, including being able to cost-effectively air-cool cabinet heat loads in excess of 20 kW and having the ability to raise the computer room HVAC supply temperature from a typical 55˚F to 75˚F.

Mr. Lodder then explained how Kyoto Cooling technology can translate this higher supply temperature into energy savings with dramatically higher levels of reliability. Kyoto Cooling utilizes outside air temperatures as the cooling source for the data center, during hours when the outside temperature is less than the data center supply air temperature requirement. This provides free cooling, except for the nominal expense of running a small number of high efficiency air movers and turning the “passive” heat exchanger. In Mr. Lodder’s native Holland, the demo data center site in Amersfoort uses Kyoto Cooling to deliver “free cooling” for nearly 8500 hours a year, and similar psychometric profiles exist for many regions in the U.S.

Kyoto Cooling eliminates temperature stratification in the data center, which allows for higher supply air temperatures and solves the return on investment problem for water-side economizers associated with the shortage of adequate hours at lower temperatures. The hot and cold air isolation technology explained by Mr. Seaton presents a way to effectively cool cabinet heat loads in excess of 20 kW, while at the same time enabling the data center operator to enjoy the economic (and “green”) benefits of Kyoto Cooling.

Learn more about these revolutionary cooling breakthroughs from Mr. Seaton and Mr. Lodder during the Kyoto Cooling Seminar and site tour Nov. 28 and 29 at the Kyoto Cooling test data center in the Netherlands.

CPI’s Ian Seaton regularly travels around the world presenting seminars and speaking events focusing on data center cooling issues and solutions. In addition to presenting at this years Power and Cooling Summit, Mr. Seaton spoke at the Data Center Seminar Series hosted by CPI, Graybar and Corning, the InnoTech Austin Conference and the BICSI Fall Conference, along with numerous other shows and conferences. Future events where Mr. Seaton can be found include the Kyoto Cooling Seminar, Data Center Decisions Conference, AFCOM and Interop. Mr. Seaton also frequently visits customer sites around the world to educate them about the ultimate thermal management solution.  For more information about Mr. Seaton’s future speaking events go to CPI’s Training & Seminars Page.

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