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CPI Unveils New Cable Management Innovations 

Chatsworth Products, Inc. Introduces Five New, Unique Solutions for Organizing Cable 

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. – May 1, 2004 – Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI), a 100% employee-owned leading manufacturer of structural support systems for computer and communications networks, announces five new cable management solutions.

As the leading provider of structural support systems and an innovator in cable management, CPI continues to demonstrate its industry leadership and high quality with these latest products. Each system provides critical support for cable bundles to meet customers’ unique needs and applications.

Global Standard PackThe Global Standard Pack, which combines structural support and cable management into one box, is a convenient and cost-effective system for small installations. The package contains CPI’s improved, industry-leading Standard Rack, the easy-to-use, cost-effective Global Vertical Cabling Section (GVCS) and a Rack Installation Kit for Concrete Floor. By purchasing the products as a single unit instead of individually, contractors and end users can save up to 28% in costs. As a bonus, from now until June 30, 2004, customers will also receive a free 1 RMU Universal Horizontal Cabling Section.

MCS-EFXThe MCS-EFX is CPI’s most feature-rich and largest-capacity vertical cable management solution for two-post and four-post racks. The MCS-EFX adds 2.5” of extra depth to CPI’s patented cable management fingers. With these extra-capacity fingers, IT professionals can manage up to 48 patch cords, more than double the amount of standard fingers. This solution, which enhances CPI’s already-popular MCS Master Cabling Section, is ideal for installations involving modular switches that must be cabled from one side or with angled patch panels.

The CCS-EFX is a double-sided vertical cable management trough designed for use with CPI’s Universal and Standard Racks. The CCS-EFX incorporates extra-capacity cable management fingers in front and an open trough with spin-latch closures in the rear. IT professionals can use this product to easily manage cable at the cross-connect, especially when installing angled-face copper patch panels.

Enhanced Vertical Cable Managers and Front-to-Back Cable Managers  for CabinetsEnhanced Vertical and Front-to-Back Cable Managers (sold separately) are accessories for CPI’s award-winning M-Series MegaFrame® Cabinet. Enhanced Vertical Managers allow cables to be organized by rack-mount space, making it easier to trace individual cables during moves, adds and changes. Additionally, two Enhanced Vertical Managers can be connected with telescoping Front-to-Back Managers to create a complete pathway for patch cords connecting network switches and computers within the same or adjacent cabinets.

All of the new—and most existing—cable management systems share the following features:

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Global Standard PackGlobal Standard Pack in a Box 

The Global Standard Pack  (pictured assembled at left and packaged at right) combines CPI’s Standard Rack and Global Vertical Cabling Section to save users time and money. 

MCS-EFX 300x300MCS-EFX with Cisco Switch

The MCS-EFX (left) with 2.5” of extra finger depth is ideal for installations involving modular switches that must be cabled from one side. Right picture shows the product used in a switching application. 

CCS-EFX 300x300 

The CCS-EFX is a double-sided vertical cable management trough with extra-capacity fingers in front and and an open trough with spin-latch closures in the rear. 

Enhanced Vertical Cable Mgr 300xFront-to-Back Cable Mgr 300x300Enhanced Cable Mgmt 300x300 

Enhanced Vertical Cable Managers (left) allow cables to be organized by rack-mount space. Front-to-Back Cable Managers (center) create a complete pathway for patch cords that connect network switches and computers within the same or adjacent cabinets. Right picture shows products installed inside a cabinet. 

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At Chatsworth Products (CPI), it is our mission to address today’s critical IT infrastructure needs with products and services that protect your ever-growing investment in information and communication technology. We act as your business partner and are uniquely prepared to respond to your specific requirements with global availability and rapid product customization that will give you a competitive advantage. At CPI, our passion works for you. With over two decades of engineering innovative IT physical layer solutions for the Fortune 500 and multinational corporations, CPI can respond to your business requirements with unequaled application expertise, customer service and technical support, as well as a global network of industry-leading distributors. Headquartered in the United States, CPI operates from multiple sites worldwide, including offices in Mexico, Canada, China, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. CPI’s manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, Asia and Europe.

CPI is listed with the General Services Administration (GSA) under Federal Supply Schedule IT 70. Products are also available through GSA Advantage and through Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), including GSA Connections and NITAAC-ECS III (

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