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CPI and Corning Join Forces to Create the Ultimate Fiber Management Solution


WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. – January 2008 – Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI), a leading manufacturer that sets the BENCHMARK by providing superior structural support to organize, store and secure IT infrastructure equipment and Corning Cable Systems have come together to simplify the data center design and installation process, providing superior cable management and ease of connectivity in high-density Storage Area Networks (SANs).

One of the challenges of high-density SANs is the large volume of optical fiber cables and patch cords that must be managed in cabinets storing modular switches. When individual jumper cables are used to make each port connection, the densities of several hundred cables can concentrate along the sides of the cabinet, blocking critical airflow and making it difficult to administer moves, adds and changes. By combining CPI’s expertise in cable management and cabinet systems with Corning’s expertise in fiber optic infrastructures, the two companies have worked to solve these problems by creating innovative fiber management solutions in support of Fibre Channel connectivity for SAN’s, including Cisco 9513 and Brocade 48000 SAN directors housed in data center cabinets.

The new CPI Fiber Management System, used with CPI’s TeraFrame™ Family of Cabinets is designed to support Corning Cable Systems Zero-U System, a complement to Plug & Play™ Universal Systems, which includes pre-terminated optical fiber trunk cables, modules and harness assemblies. Together these solutions greatly reduce the amount of space occupied by cabling in cabinets, accelerate the initial speed of deployment for high-density SANs, improve air circulation and simplify future moves, adds and changes. In addition, these solutions can eliminate 77% of bulk cabling in the SAN director’s cabinet vertical managers and director backplane. CPI Fiber Management and Corning’s LANscape Pretium Zero-U System provide TIA-942 compliant infrastructure and connectivity for N-Series TeraFrame™ Network Cabinets containing high-density modular switches, and F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinets housing lower-density servers and data storage equipment via cross-connections in the data center’s main distribution area.

N-Series TeraFrame™ equipped with CPI Fiber Management supporting Corning’s LANscape® Pretium™ Zero-U System 

CPI Fiber Management components support Corning’s LANscape Pretium Zero-U System by providing easy attachment and strain relief for trunk cables, and simple mounting of modules and/or high-density MTP adapter brackets in the 0 RMU space located between the cabinet frame and side panels. CPI’s system includes five components: the Fiber Trunk Cable Manager, Vertical Furcation Bracket, Horizontal Furcation Bracket, Fiber Module Bracket and Universal Accessory Rail, as well as, two accessories for the Universal Accessory Rail: the Fiber Module Adapter and Swivel Cable Spool.  Patent pending components and accessories include the Fiber Trunk Cable Manager, Vertical Furcation Bracket, Universal Accessory Rail and Swivel Cable Spool.

The Fiber Trunk Cable Manager supports and protects Corning Cabling Systems Plug & Play Universal Systems trunk cables by providing critical strain relief and vertical support for heavy cable bundles. The cable manager helps trunk cables transition from vertical to horizontal orientation so that simple connections can be made inside the cabinet. Use the Vertical Furcation Bracket with the Fiber Trunk Cable Manager.

CPI’s Vertical Furcation Bracket and Horizontal Furcation Bracket create snap-in attachment points for Corning’s trunk cable furcation plugs and tie points for securing trunk cables to the brackets. These brackets allow the flexibility to position fiber anywhere in the 0 RMU space along the side of the cabinet, offering easy alignment to connection points.

The Universal Accessory Rail helps position MTP connectivity on the rack in the 0 RMU space between equipment and the side panel. The rail provides attachment points next to each RMU for any combination of Swivel Cable Spools, Fiber Module Adapters and Corning Cable Systems high-density MTP adapter brackets. The Swivel Cable Spool manages optical fiber harness assemblies as they transition from the Universal Accessory Rail to connections in the rack-mount equipment. Use the spool next to modular SAN switches to manage cable slack where large numbers of harness assemblies are installed in a small number of RMU spaces. The Swivel Cable Spool can rotate 360° with stops at 90° increments. Support Corning Cable Systems Plug and Play Universal Systems CCH Module for low-density applications with the Fiber Module Adapter accessory. Both accessories attach in the 0 RMU space and are designed with captive screws for easy installation.

Supply attachment points for Corning’s LANscape Pretium CCH Modules and fiber optic patch cords in the F-Series TeraFrame Cabinet with the Fiber Module Bracket. This bracket supports CCH Modules in the 0 RMU space between the cabinet frame and side panels next to server and disk array connections.

For more information about the new CPI Fiber Management Systems and Corning’s LANscape Pretium Zero-U System please visit www.chatsworth.com/fibersolutions. These product solutions will be released and available for purchase on Jan. 14, 2008.

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