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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

To ensure the reliable operation of any data center, it's imperative that the proper environmental conditions and levels be closely monitored and maintained. Severe fluctuations in air quality, temperature and humidity can wreak havoc on the data center, while the implications from downtime due to water, dust and other harmful particles are no less disastrous.

Not only can poor environmental conditions in the data center lead to the shorter operational life of expensive equipment, it can cripple the flow of information. This results in lost time, money and business productivity, not to mention the dissatisfaction from customers who expect continuous operation of a data center.

At Chatsworth Products, we take the lead on environmental monitoring. With the capacity to help your organization monitor temperature and humidity, as well as smoke, water and even motion detection, CPI solutions save valuable time and money.

4/17/2021 2:20:31 PM