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Networked Electronic Access Control

Networked Electronic Access Control - 36720_NETWORKED_EAC_DOORHNDL_RGB72.jpgNetworked Electronic Access Control (EAC) Swinghandle Kit provides a networked electronic lock solution for physical security of data center cabinets.

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Networked EAC Swinghandle Kit is a networked locking solution that addresses evolving security requirements for IT applications and regulatory compliance. The intelligent lock provides remote monitoring of physical security and environmental conditions of the cabinet through a user-friendly web interface.

The Networked EAC provides remote front and rear lock control and keeps a record of each cabinet access attempt. The lock is equipped with a bi-color (blue/magenta) status LED that provides a visible notification of the latch status. Sensors in the lock generate output signals for remote access monitoring, and send notifications when conditions of the latch or door change.

Through Secure Array® IP Consolidation technology, up to 32 controllers (32 cabinets) can be networked under one IP address, providing significant savings in networking costs. Additionally, integrated temperature/humidity sensors provide cabinet-level environmental monitoring.

The design of the swinghandle also features an efficient microprocessor- controlled gear motor that ensures minimal power consumption and accommodates both left and right doors.
Entire locking system can be shipped preinstalled within CPI Globalframe® and TeraFrame® Cabinets saving significant deployment time and costs

Features include:

  • Remotely program, monitor and control cabinet access with user-friendly web interface
  • Records every access attempt and integrates with DCIM for easy reporting
  • Secure Array IP Consolidation links up to 32 controllers under the same IP address
  • Integrated sensors for lock and latch status, monitoring and alarm functions 
  • Reader recognizes existing employee 125kHz or 13.56 MHz RFID cards
  • Multifactor authentication available with the use of Zwipe® Access Cards with biometric reading
  • Remote unlock capability; user-configurable unlock time delay
  • Bi-color LED (blue/magenta) to indicate lock and handle status
  • Integration with LDAP and Radius for added security
  • High-security lock with mechanical key override
  • Slim form factor controller is easily mounted within 0U locations.



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