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Hot Aisle Containment

CPI Aisle ContainmentCPI's Hot Aisle Containment solutions isolates hot exhaust air from IT equipment and directs back to the CRAC/CRAH through a vertical exhaust duct, resulting in more efficient cooling units.

CPI offers three options that provides a built-in flexibility that adapts to challenges like limited ceiling height, uneven cabinet heights, and complicated overhead pathways. This configurability results in an extremely energy efficient solution that’s suitable for Greenfield applications, as well as extending the life of an existing facility.

Implementing an aisle containment solutions allows you to increase heat and power densities by as much as 4x their original level and increase cooling efficiency by nearly 3x. 

Benefits include:

  • Eliminates hot spots 
  • Supports 4x higher heat and power densities (6 kW to 30+ kW)
  • Effectively utilizes 100% of supplied air and reduces chilled air waste
  • Improves CRAC unit efficiency because of the higher supply-to-return temperature differences (Delta T's)
  • Allows increased room temperature and higher set-points on cooling equipment for more free cooling hours using low-cost economizers
  • Provides flexibility for supply air delivery through the ceiling, wall or floor
Product Cut Sheet
Mounting Options
Build to Spec Kit Hot Aisle Containment
Build-to-Spec Kit Hot Aisle Containment
The Build to Spec Kit features a field-fabricated duct that is used over a contained hot aisle as part of a closed hot air return. This solution integrates with perimeter cooling, provides immediate improved cooling efficiency and is compatible with economization methods. It is ideal for retrofit applications over a mix of cabinets, including cabinets of varying heights, widths and depths.
Ceiling or cabinet supported
Field fabricated
Mix of cabinets
Frame Supported Hot Aisle Containment
Ideal for colocation facilities and data centers requiring easy roll-in/roll-out capabilities, this solution combines self-closing Aisle Containment Double Door Assemblies at each end of the aisle and the Frame Supported Exhaust Duct that features an independent frame that can stand on its own. This allows cabinets with varying heights to be easily added and moved. 
Cabinet-independent frame
Mix of cabinets
Cabinet Supported Hot Aisle Containment
In this solution, hot exhaust air from IT equipment is isolated in the hot aisle and directed back to the CRAC/CRAH through a vertical exhaust duct, resulting in more efficient cooling units that aren’t working to regulate temperature increases from high density switches and servers. 
Attaches to top of cabinets
CPI Cabinets
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