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Remote Infrastructure Management - Wired

Remote Infrastructure ManagementRemote Infrastructure Management gives you the ability to remotely monitor, record and analyze environmental security and safety conditions in your data center and equipment rooms.

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CPI’s Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) System consists of a full line of appliances and sensors to provide continuous environmental, power and security monitoring in your data centers and equipment rooms. The RIM System allows for interconnectivity with building management systems and provides an integrated view of all facility equipment using a simple web interface.

The RIM-750 is perfect for monitoring a single cabinet or small equipment room while the RIM-1000 allows you to monitor a row of high-density cabinets or small computer room. Use multiple RIM-1000 appliances to monitor multiple sites from a single web-based interface. The RIM Protocol Converter converts sensor output from facilities equipment between SNMP, BACnet and Modbus protocols for integration into a building management system or a network management systems.

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