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The Finer Points of the 48” M-Series MegaFrame® Cabinet

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CPI offers a 48” (1220 mm) M-series MegaFrame® Cabinet that is designed for space-conscious customers who demand value, while offering the same excellent quality that sets CPI apart from the competition.  The cabinet is available in a variety of widths and depths.  Multiple cabinets can be mounted side-by-side using optional baying hardware.  The cabinet is available in white, black or gray powder-coated finish. This cabinet is also available in a frame only configuration.








Two key things to remember that many customers overlook:

  1. When ordering a frame only configuration, the cable managers and equipment mounting rails have a powder-coated finish based on your color selection.  The frame only is always silver-coated anodized aluminum.
  2. For equipment and security protection, the 48” (1220 mm) Megaframe Cabinet features a solid top panel.  For vented top options, please contact Technical Services at 800-834-4969.

Trish Villarreal, Customer Service Manager

Posted by Trish Villarreal, Customer Service Manager at 10/11/2011 09:14:24 AM

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