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New Solution for Juniper EX8200 Line of Ethernet Switches

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N-Series Cabinet - JuniperChatsworth recently released the N-Series TeraFrame™ Network Cabinet storage solution (part number NF4M-113C-C42) for the Juniper Networks EX8208 and EX8216 Ethernet switches. The Juniper Networks EX8200 Ethernet switches are high-density, high-performance modular platforms that provide Gigabit Ethernet network connections for servers and access switches. The N-Series, designed specifically to support modular network switches and network cabling.

Extra Space for Airflow and Cables

Offset doors and side panels create an open space around the switch for increased airflow and easy access to equipment and cabling. Line cards, fan trays or power supplies are easy to add or swap and cables are easy to trace.

Thermal Management

The network modules and line cards in the EX8200 Ethernet switches are cooled by right-to-left airflow through the switch chassis. Hot exhaust air from the side of the switch is captured and redirected away from the cabinet by an integrated Network Switch Exhaust Duct, providing front-to-rear airflow for hot /cold aisle applications.

Cable Management

Cable entry is limited to the right side so the vertical fan tray on the left side of the switch is always accessible. The N-Series includes snap-on plastic T-shaped Cable Management Fingers that align with each RMU so you can organize cables by line card. Cable access ports around the perimeter of the top panel allow cables to be easiily rerouted to other cabinets.

Equipment Support

The N-Series can safely support up to three EX8208 switches or two EX8216 switches. Two pairs of 19” EIA equipment mounting rails provide front and rear support and 45 RMU of vertical mounting space. The N-Series cabinet supports up to 2,500 lb (1134 kg) of equipment.

For more details check out the product page or download the data sheet. Configure a custom N-Series TeraFrame Network Cabinet using our Product Configurator.

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Posted by: Michael Moore at 7/16/2009 7:27 AM

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