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Need an Extra Hand? Use the Carton

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! EasySwing Wall-Mount RackDo you find it hard to measure and mark mounting hole placement when installing wall-mount racks? Well, you don't need the "Luck O' the Irish" to solve this frustrating problem! Installation of this open frame product is a so easy.

We understand your working in tight spaces and usually never have enough hands for these types of installs. Simply remove the EasySwing™ Wall-Mount Rack from its carton and use the template printed on the packaging to mark your mounting positions. This product ships fully assembled and flat. Just unfold and mount to the wall.  

Carton-Template.jpgLightweight and easy to install, use the EasySwing Wall-Mount Rack for mounting network, communications, and security equipment in a telecommunications or equipment room where floor space is limited. The durable all-steel construction supports 85 lb of equipment. 

View CPI’s full line of Wall-Mount Products for the best fit for your next applicaton. Hope you enjoy your holiday! Sarah Gaskins, eMarketing Specialist

Posted by Sarah Gaskins, eMarketing Specialist at 10/11/2011 10:01:12 AM

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