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M-Series MegaFrame® Cabinet Skid Dimensions Per Truckload

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A common question frequently surfaces regarding Chatsworth Products, Inc. cabinets in terms volume shipments and dimensions.  Here is an outline (although not inclusive) of common CPI M-Series Megaframe® Cabinets (fully assembled) by truckload:


MegaFrame WxD  Skid Dimensions Units Per Truck/Trailer
19x22 30x31 60 (3 across)
19x27.88 30.5x38 48 (3 across)
19x30 32x40 45 (3 across)
19x32.38 32x42.5 43 (last 2 rows are turned)
19x36 32x46.5 40 (last 2 rows are turned)
19x39 32x48 39 (3 across)
23x30 36x40 34 (last 2 turned)
23x36 36x46.5 34 (last 2 turned)
23x39 36.5x48 34 (last 2 turned)








I hope this information is helpful. Trish Villarreal, Customer Service Manager

Posted by Trish Villarreal, Customer Service Manager at 10/11/2011 09:13:43 AM

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