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Happy 17th Birthday CPI!

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An early photo of some of the first employee owners

In 1991, 90 employees from a Fortune 500 Company gathered their courage and their savings to orchestrate a buyout using an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Their bold move paid off – Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) not only gave them a tremendous return on investment, but continues to benefit each employee owner year after year as the company grows in size, products and success.

From the beginning, certain ideas have been at the forefront of CPI culture and even now if you speak to an employee owner they will tell you that our attitude can be summed up in this phrase, “We’re All in This Together”. Every employee reaps the benefits but also bears the responsibility of continued success. This important combination is the center of our philosophy “Quality through Teamwork, Caring and Commitment”. We work hard and we celebrate our successes.

CPI-Box2.jpgDuring the past 17 years CPI has grown from one manufacturing facility in Chatsworth, California to facilities in Texas, North Carolina and China; with sales offices in Mexico and the United Kingdom. Our product line also continues to grow; beginning with open mounting systems such as racks and cable runway and expanding to include cabinets and enclosures. But we didn’t stop there. In an effort to provide our customers with solutions for every application, we offer zone and wireless enclosures, monitoring and security systems, seismic-rated products, grounding and bonding products and more. We have numerous patents for innovative products that continue to set the benchmark for organizing, storing and securing technology equipment.

Though we have grown, at our heart is the pride of an employee owner. This pride not only spurs us on to produce quality workmanship, but causes us to share our success with others. Each year our employees donate time and money to help our communities, whether it is school supplies for needy children or visiting senior living homes to celebrate special occasions. This month it’s our turn to celebrate. Happy Birthday CPI!

Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer

Posted by Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer at 10/11/2011 09:18:24 AM


From one employee owner to another, Happy birthday and contratulations. We are also an ESOP and enjoy many of the same benefits associated with employee ownership.

Karl Griffith
Director, Enterprise Markets
Posted by: Karl G at 6/23/2008 5:41 AM

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