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Calling all Data Center World Attendees; Don’t miss these valuable conference sessions

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Data-Center-World-30-Years.jpgAre you attending AFCOM’s Data Center World Conference in Nashville, TN, March 7-11? If so, don’t miss these highly informative session opportunities presented by CPI. In addition, make sure to stop by CPI’s booth 313 for a sneak peak of our exciting product solutions.

CPI Delivered Sessions:

Tuesday, March 9, 1:15 pm (FG 13)
Power Management: Where to Measure and What is the ROI

As energy prices continue to grow in conjunction with greater energy demands, it is becoming more and more important to implement efficient power management practices within the data center. Delivered during the Facilities/Greening Track, this session by CPI’s Ted Behrens will provide vital methods for measuring power along with tips for driving more efficient decisions within today’s IT environment.

Wednesday, March 10, 9:15 pm (P18)
Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions for Achieving Simplified Data Center Operations & Optimum Performance

As companies expand and locate data centers across the world, the ability to manage these infrastructures remotely becomes essential. Presented by CPI’s Ian Seaton, this session will introduce advanced Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions that offer the components necessary to access, monitor and control equipment and devices around the world from a single location, while also supplying the ultimate equipment protection and thermal results.

We look forward to seeing you at Data Center World!

In addition, we will be tweeting from the show, so make sure to follow us at Nicole McLawhorn, Public Relations and Advertising Specialist

Posted by Nicole McLawhorn, Public Relations and Advertising Specialist at 10/11/2011 10:00:12 AM

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