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Tool Tip: How to Get a Closer Look at CPI Products

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Online Catalog- Enlarged images

We live in an age of information abundance that allows anyone who has access to the Internet, the ability to research and compare thousands of products. Because of this, Chatsworth Products (CPI) is continually looking for ways to make product information more easily accessible so that customers can make an informed decision.

The CPI Online Catalog has several tools that help during the research phase of the product purchase. One of these includes product images. Customers want to see what they are buying. Each product in the online catalog magnifies to show greater detail. Also, many products have a 3D image that can be rotated and magnified (read more about 3D models in this blog post). Another valuable asset to understanding product detail is the product’s specification sheet which includes a detailed drawing with dimensions (see example).

The product comparison feature is also a popular addition to the CPI Online Catalog. You can select up to four products for a side-by-side comparison. Size, materials, color, shipping weight and price are a few of the comparison points.

For more detail on complex products, like cabinets, or to create a solution that includes several products in one order, the Product Configurator is the best tool for the job. The Configurator will guide you through a series of options that will result in a unique product with accessories that ships under one part number.

If you are researching a new solution or considering a new product, take advantage of these tools. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our technical support staff are known for their courtesy and knowledge. They will help you navigate the myriad of product information you encounter during your purchasing process.

Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager

Posted by Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager at 08/24/2015 06:57:05 AM

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