International News: CPI Takes its Aisle to Containment Solutions to BICSI Andino in Colombia | Chatsworth Products
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International News: CPI Takes its Passive Cooling® Solutions to BICSI Andino in Colombia

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GF-Series GlobalFrame Gen 2 CabinetChatsworth Products (CPI) will showcase its innovative Aisle Containment Solutions at the 2014 BICSI CALA District Andino Conference and Exhibition, May 14-15 in Bogota, Colombia.

Event attendees will be able to learn about the capabilities of CPI’s GlobalFrame® Gen 2 Cabinet System, now available in a wide variety of sizes. This new generation of cabinet features smarter airflow management and supports CPI’s Passive Cooling® technology, which has been proven to reduce energy costs by up to 40 percent. 

CPI’s new Electronic Lock Kit (ELS) will be installed on the cabinet for customers to test as well. ELS enhances security over standard mechanical and combination locks, and can be programmed with multiple access codes, eliminating the need for keys.

Another highlight of the event is a presentation by Victor Bañuelos, CPI’s Technical Manager for Latin America, on why CPI Passive Cooling is one of the most cost-efficient ways to design up to 30kW per rack in high-density data centers. 

As a global manufacturer of IT products and solutions, CPI strives to offer innovation, configurability, quality and value in every aspect of its operations.


Posted by Kristen Kroll-Moen at 05/07/2014 01:31:29 PM

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