Part One: How Has the Cloud Disruption Impacted the Broader Data Center Industry? | Chatsworth Products
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Part One: How Has the Cloud Disruption Impacted the Broader Data Center Industry?

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Chatsworth Products (CPI) recently participated in an executive roundtable sponsored by Data Center Frontier, featuring insights from industry executives with vast experience and knowledge in the data center industry.BASEFARM_DOORS_HDR_RGB72

CPI Product Marketing Manager, David Knapp, stepped in to answer questions on the industry trends that are being dominated by the rise of the cloud computing model. Knapp has more than 18 years of experience in the data center industry as a product application expert and technical communicator.

Data Center Frontier: How has this cloud-driven disruption impacted the broader data center industry? What are the pros and cons?

Knapp: “The main impact is that there are fewer organizations building and operating data centers. Cloud providers build data centers, and they lease wholesale space from multi-tenant data center operators. Unlike service providers, they can site their facilities to maximize benefits from weather conditions for “free cooling” to access the lowest cost of electricity and real estate. Additionally, they have demonstrated that a large-scale campus approach works, and some have built on-site clean power generation demonstrating that a commercial data center can provide a portion of the power that it consumes.”

Read his full response by downloading the Data Center Frontier article “Cloud Computing and Its Impact on the Data Center Industry.”

Shannon Erdley, Public Relations Specialist

Posted by Shannon Erdley, Public Relations Specialist at 05/22/2017 05:43:25 AM

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