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Easily Monitor Power Usage with eConnect® PDUs’ Intuitive, Rotating Display

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Tracking power usage for rack-mounted equipment shouldn’t be a difficult task, even if you are not using web-based monitoring software. For some IT managers, it may be more convenient to manage power directly on the power distribution unit (PDU) itself.

eConnect DisplayCPI’s eConnect® PDUs provide detailed power data and control through a unique LCD display that’s easy to read, regardless of whether the PDU cord exits at the top or bottom of the cabinet. The display’s screen rotates 180° so that information is clear and easy to read even when the PDU is flipped.

The local display provides voltage, current, power (kW) and power factor, as measured at each breaker on the PDU. On single-phase PDUs and split-phase PDUs, there is also a summary of total voltage, current and kW for the PDU. On three-phase units, Line Input Current and a summary of total voltage and kW are shown. On Monitored Pro and Switched Pro models, individual outlet receptacle current can also be displayed.

If external sensors are connected to the PDU, the local display also provides temperature and humidity, as well as alarms. Additionally, the local display provides network setup details and can be used to enter the IP address of the PDU prior to deploying the PDU onto the network.

Find out more about how eConnect PDUs can help meet your power management challenges.

Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager

Posted by Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager at 08/21/2015 08:08:00 AM

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