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Easily Implement Scalable Environmental Monitoring System to Protect Critical IT Equipment

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Protect Your Equipment

Environmental conditions within a data center can affect sensitive IT equipment if not properly monitored and managed. As a result, many data center managers require monitoring of both environmental conditions and energy consumption. The ability to do this does not necessarily require the implementation of an expensive and complex infrastructure management system.

Many companies rely on Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) System to provide continuous environmental, power and security monitoring in both data centers and equipment rooms. Additionally, it allows for interconnectivity with building management systems for an integrated view of all facility equipment, using a simple web interface.

CPI’s RIM products create a critical early warning system that monitors conditions and sends a notification when conditions change, so immediate action can be taken.

Remote Infrastructure ManagementThree models are available:

  • The RIM-750 is perfect for monitoring a single cabinet or small equipment room.

  • The RIM-1000 monitors a row of high-density cabinets in data centers or small computer rooms. In addition to monitoring external sensors, RIM-1000 can also monitor Modbus data from facilities equipment. Use multiple RIM-1000 appliances to monitor multiple sites from a single web-based interface.

  • The RIM Protocol Converter integrates facilities equipment with the building management system (BMS) or a network management system (NMS) by converting between SNMP, BACnet and Modbus protocols. It does not monitor external analog or digital sensors like the RIM-1000 and RIM-750.

For a detailed comparison of these products, download this product guide.  

Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager

Posted by Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager at 08/18/2015 02:29:41 PM


This is a great product at a foundation level to aggregate data and to allow action to be taken based on the data. Monitoring is key to improving power efficiency and preventing down time!
Posted by: Jeremy Swanner at 8/19/2015 10:13 AM

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