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Protect Your Cabling - Determine Cable Fill Values with CPI’s Automated Cable Fill Table

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Velocity Cable Management

The care given to communications cable during installation and use is a primary factor in maintaining circuit performance. Tight bundling and improper support that deforms, stretches or adds tension to cables, can negatively affect this coveted circuit performance, while bulky, disorganized cabling can hinder airflow and cause system strain. Therefore, it is very important to establish a balance to your cable management, ensuring that cabling section width and corresponding cable fill capacity are carefully considered during deployment. 

CPI recommends using a 50 percent cable fill when selecting a cable management solution. This ratio of used space to remaining space will provide sufficient room for maintaining cable integrity. CPI understands that given the multitude of variables such as cable numbers, size and orientation, this may be a daunting calculation. This is why we have provided a tool that will do the work for you!

The CPI Cable Fill Table is an easy-to-use spreadsheet that lists usable cable pathway areas for various CPI solutions. Organized by product type, the Cable Fill Table allows you to adjust various values such as cable bundle size, usable space and cable fill ratio, and automatically calculates your input to determine which cable manager and pathway product is most suitable for your cabling needs. 

Further assisting you in navigating the multitude of CPI’s cabling solutions, the table calculates both the RECOMMENDED and MAXIMUM cable fill values for all of CPI’s cable management products, ruling out the products and managers that will not suit your needs, while providing you with a detailed range of appropriate solutions that will. 

The Cable Fill Table is available in two formats, portable document file (PDF) and Microsoft Excel. 

PDF Format                Excel Spreadsheet

The Cable Fill Table is also available on CPI’s Mobile App Suite. Download it now from the iTunes App Store.

Katie Salter, Technical Writer

Posted by Katie Salter, Technical Writer at 08/03/2015 07:41:22 AM

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