New Metered eConnect® PDU Provides Reliable Current and Phase Load Balancing in Non-Networked Applications | Chatsworth Products
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New Metered eConnect® PDU Provides Reliable Current and Phase Load Balancing in Non-Networked Applications

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eConnect PDU, MeteredChatsworth Products (CPI) introduces non-networked, metered power distribution units (PDUs) to its eConnect® line of intelligent PDUs to help users obtain real-time input current readings for initial equipment installation and continued operation.

Metered eConnect features a local LED display that provides easy reading across power distribution phases, helping prevent equipment from current spikes. Knowing equipment input current within the rack is crucial in order to avoid potential power overloads, which can lead to equipment failure. Use Metered eConnect when deployment of networked PDUs is limited or not an option due to security concerns.

Features and benefits of Metered eConnect include:

  • Real-time current reading: Input current reading for phase load balancing
  • High temperature rating: Withstands hot aisle temperatures of up to 149°F (65°C)
  • High outlet density options: Some models support up to 100 Amps and a high number of C13 and C19 outlets
  • Locking outlets: Patented Click Secure technology prevents accidental disconnections
  • Complimentary preinstallation (+Power): Reduces installation and deployment costs
  • Industry-leading warranty: Extended warranty options available for two years beyond the expiration of the Original Warranty

Whether you need to connect a few pieces of equipment or support high-density computing with multiple blade servers in every cabinet, Metered eConnect PDUs provide simple, reliable power distribution to equipment in your racks and cabinets.

For more information, visit the product page.

Raissa Carey, Technical Writer

Posted by Raissa Carey, Technical Writer at 05/01/2017 12:38:08 PM

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