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CPI Employee Owners Provide Children with Much Needed School Supplies

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 Lunch Fund Raiser

With the school season fast approaching, the employee owners at Chatsworth Products (CPI) have been working hard to help students in their communities get ready for success. As a result of several activities, coordinated by the company’s ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) team, many students will now have all the school supplies they need for the new year.

In Georgetown, Texas, the ESOP team organized a cheeseburger fundraiser. CPI employees bought and prepared a lunch of burgers, drinks and chips for other employee owners to purchase. The money raised from the event went to local schools, providing essential classroom supplies that will benefit the students. Georgetown also raised money for backpacks filled with school supplies for students in need.

At our New Bern, NC location, the ESOP team also held a fundraiser for school essentials. Operation Backpack-School Supply Drive resulted in employee owners collecting more than 90 backpacks filled with classroom supplies for the Arapahoe Charter School. Employees also had the opportunity to sponsor a child enrolled in the school. A local news team provided video coverage of the donation event, which can be viewed on the news channel’s website.

Back to school drive“Our employees see themselves as a family,” said Marisa Game, Plant Manager of CPI’s New Bern location, “and part of the family connection is being connected to the community family around them.”

CPI values the importance of being a positive impact on community, as reflected in the company's motto, "We're All in This Together." Click here to view a photo album of these events on CPI’s Facebook page.

Shannon Ryan, Digital Marketing Administrator

Posted by Shannon Ryan, Digital Marketing Administrator at 08/15/2017 12:53:01 PM

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