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Download It: 2018 CPI Product Catalog Now Available

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2018 Product CatalogChatsworth Products (CPI) is pleased to announce the release of the digital CPI 2018 Product Catalog, which includes our latest infrastructure innovations since the 2017 edition. This PDF catalog can be easily downloaded to your laptop or mobile device for quick reference.

New products include:

Zwipe® Access Card with Biometric Authentication

Zwipe® Access Card with Biometric Authentication provides a highly secure, easy-to-deploy, dual-factor biometric access control system that is fully compatible with most existing employee ID systems and CPI Electronic Access Control (EAC) Solutions.

eConnect® Electronic Access Control (EAC) Swinghandle Upgrade Kit

eConnect® Electronic Access Control Swinghandle Upgrade Kit with smart card authentication is available for CPI's GF-Series GlobalFrame Gen 2 Cabinet System and F-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3 Cabinet System with front and rear swinghandles. They have integrated sensors for lock and latch status, monitoring and alarm functions and provide remote unlock capability and event logging for audit purposes. Reader recognizes existing employee 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz RFID cards.

Raised Floor Grommet

The Raised Floor Grommet is designed to seal new or existing cable penetrations in data center raised floor environments. Its split, two-piece design allows for installation along the edge of a raised floor tile. It does not "capture cables, and allows for quick tile removal without disrupting the network. The dual-layer brush design with integrated EPDM flexible membrane provides a superior seal that increases cooling efficiency by greatly reducing bypass airflow. This EDPM layer provides an additional level of sealing effectiveness over traditional, brush-only designs.

Tool-less Bend Radius Kit for Fiber Patch Cords

The Tool-less Bend Radius Kit for Fiber Patch Cords ensures proper bend radius support for fiber optic patch cords when transitioning through T-shaped cable guides. It snaps onto the finger manager without any tools, and can be used for new or retrofit applications. It is compatible with Motive Cable Manager and Evolution® Cable Management, N-Series TeraFrame Gen 3 Network Cabinet, SeismicFrame® Two-Post Rack, Adjustable Rail QuardraRack® and Adjustable Rail ServerRack.

eConnect® Metered PDUs

Non-networked, Metered eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs) help users obtain real-time input current readings for initial equipment installation and continued operation. A local LED display provides easy reading across power distribution phases, helping prevent equipment from current spikes. 

Industrial Enclosures 

RMR® Free-Standing Enclosures

RMR® Free-Standing Enclosures provide NEMA Type 4 and 12 protection for electronic components used for control system automation, remote monitoring and instrumentation, and industrial, smart city and broadband network distribution. They provide exceptional material ingress protection for panel-mounting networking, automation, control and instrumentation equipment in nonhazardous indoor or outdoor locations.

RMR Floor-Mount Enclosures

RMR Floor-Mount Enclosures provide NEMA Type 4 and 12 protection for large electronic components and controls that require sturdy mounting. Floor stands elevate the enclosure above the floor for added clearance and easier cable access.  

RMR Standard Wall-Mount Enclosures

RMR Standard Wall-Mount Enclosures provide NEMA Type 4 and 12 protection for smaller electronic components and controls that require sturdy wall mounting.

Access the downloadable PDF now.

Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 01/30/2018 11:02:50 AM


muy innovadores los productos y con la mas alta tecnología.
Posted by: francisco perez at 1/31/2018 9:19 AM

Muchas gracias! Es nuestro compromise ser una empresa de la más alta calidad en todos los aspectos de sus negocios: productos de calidad, servicios de calidad y por sobre todo, orientación al cliente!
Posted by: Brittany at 2/1/2018 2:43 PM

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