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AFCOM Infographic: Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Lead Industry in Cooling Innovation

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Cooling Innovations - AFCOM InfographicAbout 80 percent of data center owners seek hot and cold aisle containment as an effective cooling solution, according to a new Cost Containment Infographic recently released by AFCOM.

Whether you are managing a small computer room or a large high-density data center, Chatsworth Products (CPI) provides a full line of enclosures for complete hot and cold air separation. One of our most popular solutions include aisle containment products. 

CPI offers several configurations for Hot Aisle Containment (HAC) or Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) Environments, each addressing the most pressing data center cooling needs, including ones that can be completely customized on site. 

Separating hot and cold air through containment addresses two key efficiency requirements – it allows control of inlet temperatures (the cold aisles are one temperature, not a mixed range) – and, it maximizes delta T (in general, the higher the return temperature the better).

Benefits of CPI’s Aisle Containment include:

  • Available for retrofit or new installations
  • Use for full containment or partial containment
  • Separates hot and cold air efficiently, eliminating hot spots
  • Supports 4x higher heat and power densities (6 kW to 30+ kW)
  • Effectively utilizes 100% of supplied air and reduce chilled air waste
  • Improves CRAC efficiency because of higher supply-to-return temperature differences (Delta T's)
  • Allows increased room temperature and higher set points on cooling equipment and chilled water temperatures, resulting in less electricity consumption using low-cost economizers

If you would like more technical data on effective containment solutions, be sure to download the White Paper, “Extend the Life of Your Data Center.” For more information on CPI’s full line of Containment Solutions, go here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 02/19/2015 09:32:18 AM


Your article is very informative. It's a welcome change from other supposed informational content. Your points are unique and original in my opinion. I agree with many of your points.
Posted by: Heating and Cooling System Maintenance at 4/16/2015 3:15 AM

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