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Horizontal Cable Management


CPI offers horizontal cable managers with varying options for cable support.
Cable guides range from simple bars and trays to rings and patented fingers.


Universal Horizontal Cable Manager 
CPI’s most popular horizontal manager.

  • Patented cable guide fingers at 1.75” intervals for proper cable bend radius and organization of patch cords
  • Flanged pass-through slots to route cables to the back
  • Same design as most vertical cabling sections – the Global Vertical Cabling Section, MCS Master Cabling Section and CCS Combination Cabling Section – for easy alignment, a clear cable pathway and a consistent look
  • Snap-on, hinged door/cover included to help create an appealing installation
  • Available in 19” and 23” widths, 1 RMU, 2 RMU and 3 RMU heights, and single-sided or double-sided versions to organize front and/or rear cables
  • 42 to 260 Cat 5e cable capacity (with 40% fill) per side
  • Perfect for high-profile applications and cable management for multiple patch panels


Universal Horizontal Cable Manager

19” Horizontal Wire Management Panel
A unique horizontal manager that mounts quickly using threaded cable distribution spools

  • Offset 1.5” from the rack channel to provide proper bending radii
  • Five cable rings in front with trough in the back created by unique offset design
  • Two or four cable distribution spools (also available without spools) to maintain proper cable bend radii
  • Optional Clip-On Cable Cover
  • Available in 19” width and 1 RMU and 2 RMU heights
  • 42 to 88 Cat 5e cable capacity (with 40% fill)
  • Unique manager for a combination of cabling needs


 Horizontal Wire Management Panel

Large Horizontal Ring Panel
Big enough to handle most cabling jobs

  • Seven large 6”W x 2.8”H heavy-duty aluminum rings for large cable bundles
  • Rounded edges to protect cable sheaths
  • Optional Slip-On Cover
  • Available in 19” and 23” rack-mount widths
  • Rings available separately for wall-mounted cable management
  • 177 Cat 5e cable capacity (with 40% fill)
  • Cost-effective horizontal management for large bundles


 Large Horizontal Panel
Rack Cabling Managers
small and medium-sized rings for general cabling needs
  • Sturdy, lightweight aluminum panel
  • Small and medium-sized plastic rings to suit the amount of cable you need to organize
  • Available in 19” and 23” rack-mount widths
  • 21 to 51 Cat 5e cable capacity (with 40% fill)
  • Standard design for general applications 


 Medium Rack Cable Manager
Patch Panel Wire Management Bar
a lightweight aluminum strain relief bar
  • Made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum
  • Mountable outward to a 3” channel or inward to a 6” channel
  • Wire tie holes to maintain wire perpendicular to termination point
  • 19” rack-mount width
  • Wire management and strain relief to prevent cable separation at the back of patch panels


 Patch Panel Wire Management Bar

Jumper and Transition Trays 
for routing copper and fiber cables between racks

  • Flat trays with bend support for copper and fiber cables
  • Available in five styles – two upper trays, one single lower tray, one double lower tray and transition plate
  • 1.5” bend radius for ANSI /TIA /EIA -compliant installation
  • Bend radius locations adjustable in the field for user selection of cable entry and exit positions
  • Made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum
  • 19” and 23” rack-mount widths
  • 70 to 132 Cat 5e cable capacity (with 40% fill)
  • Ideal for routing cable between racks at the top or bottom of the frame


Jumper Tray

Rack-Mount Cable Shelf

This 19” wide x 1 RMU shelf extends 22” (558 mm) to 40” (1016 mm) and has brush openings for cables along the front panel. Use with Air Dam Kit or Internal Air Duct to create a front-to-back pathway for cables without compromising the critical one way airflow through the cabinet. The shelf also provides slack management for fiber patch cords.

Rack-Mount Cable Shelf