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Horizontal Busbar

CPI's Horizontal Busbars provide electrical continuity from cabinet to cabinet. Constructed of 3/16"-thick x 3/4"-high Hard-Drawn Electrolytic Tough Pitch 110 Alloy copper bar with eight #6-32 tapped lug mounting holes on 1" centers and two pairs of 5/16" diameter holes spaced 5/8" apart for attaching ground jumpers.

  • Part number consists of Busbar and a hardware kit that includes:
    - 1 splice plate bar, 3"L
    - 2 #12-24 copper machine screws
    - 2 #12 copper flat washers
    - 8 #6-32 copper machine screws
    - 8 #6 ring terminals
  • Other configurations available on request
  • UL Listed
Horizontal Busbar

Vertical Busbar Kit

Vertical Busbar Kits isolate the Busbar from the cabinet to help control current paths from passing through one piece of equipment to another.

  • Kits include:
    - 1 #2 AWG two-hole ground compression lug
      with 3/8" holes on 1" centers
    - 3 white Delrin® insulator blocks
    - 3 self-tapping screws
    - 3 #12-24 mounting screws
    - 2 stainless steel lock washers, 5/16"
    - 2 nuts
  • Other configurations are available on request
  • UL Listed
Vertical Busbar

Bonding & Grounding Kit for T-Series

Use this all-in-one kit to bond and ground your T-Series cabinet. Side panels and doors are electrically bonded to the cabinet frame using #12 conductors factory cut-to-length and factory terminated. Kit also includes a 2-barrel grounding block that attaches to the cabinet frame and holds up to two #0 gauge wires.

T-Series Bonding & Grounding Kit