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Digilock Electronic Keypad Lock

  Standard cabinet lock

Digilock Electronic Keypad Lock

CPI delivers enhanced equipment protection with the Digilock Electronic Keypad Lock. This electronic locking system provides intelligent, effective security for Cabinets. Digilock Electronic Keypad Locks are available factory-installed on M-Series MegaFrame® Cabinets, C-Series SlimFrame™ Cabinets, E-Series ISP Co-Location Cabinets and Seismic Frame® Cabinets.

The Digilock Electronic Keypad Lock is a self-contained, fully programmable keypad lock for users desiring a smart, but simple solution. Each lock can be opened with either a User Code and/or an electronic User Key. These locks are battery-operated - no need for wiring.

The Digilock product offers security management software as an accessory to heighten lock programming and monitoring. Software features include:

  • Review detailed audit trail
  • Assign and delete user access quickly
  • Set specific access schedules for individual users

Locks are not sold individually. As with our existing keyed lock, these new solutions are sold preinstalled on both the front and rear Cabinet door. Electronic locks can be installed on all CPI single door styles.

Standard Cabinet Lock

All Standard MegaFrame Cabinets are shipped with standard push-button locks installed on both doors.  The same keys operate the locking side panels for quick removal and replacement.