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 What are my options and how are they different?

 1  basic Power Strip rated at 20 amps, or less, with a thermal or no circuit breaker A basic power strip rated at 20 amps, or less, with a thermal type circuit breaker or no circuit breaker.
 2  basic Power Strip rated at 20 amps, or less, with a meter and a thermal or no circuit breaker  Same power strip as above  with the addition of a local ampmeter.
 3  basic PDU with a magnetic circuit breaker Basic PDUs feature electromagnetic circuit breakers which isolate branch circuits to a particular group of power outlets preventing disruption of power on other circuit segments.
 4  basic PDU with local metering  Metered PDUs include an in-line digital current meter that displays the amount of current being used by attached equipment so that you can track current use and estimate remaining power on each circuit segment.
 5  metered PDU that can be monitored through an IP address  Monitored PDUs include an Ethernet port that allows network-based monitoring of current meters using a web browser and can forward alarms as SNMP traps when user-defined current limits are met.
 6  monitored PDU with outlets that can be controlled through an IP address Controlled PDUs feature switchable outlets for remote power cycling with optional port monitoring which lets you measure current use at each outlet. Select monitored and controlled PDU models have a temperature and humidity sensor port for environmental monitoring and can integrate with CPI’s Scalable Enterprise Management Application (SEMA) software.
 7  power meter to connect between my existing PDU and the power source

The PowerScope In-Line Meter adds network-based current monitoring to existing basic and metered PDUs and power strips.






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