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Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM-600)

The Remote Infrastructure Management RIM-600 system gives you the ability to remotely monitor, record and analyze environmental conditions in your data center and equipment rooms. Each RIM-600 supports up to eight external sensors and will automatically poll up to 64 IP addresses using a scheduled network ping and port service tests (HTTP, FTP, email, etc.). You can monitor temperature, power or humidity; check for the presence of smoke or water; and use motion detectors, IP cameras and door sensors for added security. 

No special wiring is required. Sensors have a RJ-45 connection and patch together with standard Category3, 5, 5e, or 6 network cabling.  The length from the sensor to the host or node can be up to 1000' (305m). The RIM-600 automatically recognizes and configures sensors and will notify you if sensors are disconnected or not reporting. You can set alarm thresholds for each sensor and schedule when, where and how you or members of your team are to be contacted.  

The RIM-600 Host Module includes an Ethernet and a phone connection and can contact you by voice call, text pager, email, SNMP or fax. You can also check the status of equipment at any time through a voice call, two-way email (you email, RIM-600 replies with status), or with a web browser over a web, wireless web, or remote dial-in connection. The separate phone connection keeps you connected if your network connection goes down. 

Each RIM-600 monitors input power and has an internal battery backup so it will keep working if the power goes out. Add a separate PowerGate Module to remotely reboot up to eight pieces of equipment or monitor power on a specific piece of equipment with the Power Monitoring Sensor. 

Reduce cost in large networks by combining host and node modules. Host modules include an Ethernet and phone connection. Node modules include Ethernet connections and are supervised by a Host module. Connect up to 31 nodes to each host through your network and monitor up to 256 environmental sensors and 2,048 IP addresses and ports anywhere in your network. Additionally, one PowerGate Module can be connected to each host or node module to provide remote reboot capability for up to 256 outlets.

3/23/2019 11:21:59 AM