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Top Mounted Fan Kit for T-Series

The T-Series fan kit provides optional ventilation and cooling with the built-in redundancy of a three-fan system. Fans exhaust warm air out of the top of the cabinet. The fan provides 300 CFM of ventilation and cooling for cabinet. Quick, easy mounting to the inside of the top panel.

T-Series Fan Kit

Bottom Mounted Delphi ECS Enclosure Blower

For increased airflow at the front of cabinets.  Cabinet hot spots lowered by 15°F.  Cold air pulled from floor plenum to server fronts, where cooling air intakes are located.  Only 2 RMU of mounting space required at the bottom of the cabinet.  Five-year life.  UL Recognized  Patent-pending design.  Best when used with Solid Metal, Solid Plexiglass or Vented Plexiglass Door Air Intake Filter and offset intake Blower Duct accessories available. 

delphi_blower (1)
11/18/2018 3:04:23 AM