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Narrow Vertical Cable Manager

The manager includes two vertical mounting brackets, eight cable rings, one control radius and one hardware kit. Mounting brackets can be attached to the horizontal mounting rail in three orientations, increasing flexibility for on-site customization. Installation is made easy by mounting to pre-installed nuts or bolts in the horizontal mounting rails. U-shaped cable rings can be detached from, or added to, the vertical mounting bracket in order to accomodate your cable routing needs.

The cable manager comes pre-assembled with eight rings equally spaced over two sections. CPI also offers accessory kits to complement the cable manager. An accessory kit, shown below, provides eight additional cabling rings. The Saf-T-Grip Open Loop Series is also available to ensure a tangle-free installation.

  • Mounting brackets can be attached in three positions, increasing flexibility in cable routing 1.45"W x 4.13"D x 1.40"H plastic U-ring design allows cables to be added easily without conflict
  • Rings snap on, making new configurations a simple process
  • Control radius helps maintain a proper bend radius in cables, eliminating the risk of data distortion or data loss
  • Designed for use in SlimFrame and SteelFrame T1 Series Cabinets
Narrow Vertical Cable Manager

Vertical Cable Manager

The Vertical Cable Manager provides additional cable management (one pair of cabling ring sections and eight rings are included with each cabinet or frame). Available for 6', 6'6", and 7' cabinets. Can be positioned as needed on the horizontal mounting rails. Sold in pairs.

  • Large 5.5"D x 2.3"W heavy duty plastic rings provide additional cable management inside cabinet and can be relocated where needed
  • Rounding edges protect cable sheaths
  • Comes pre-assembled with eight rings equally spaced over two sections
  • For use with M-Series, Seismic Frame, and SteelFrame T2 Series of cabinets. May be used with C-Series SlimFrame when bayed without side panels

Vertical Cable Manager

External Cable Manager

The External Cable Manager attaches to the side of the cabinet and includes a front and rear vertical management trough and four front-to-rear horizontal cable troughs. The vertical cable management troughs have openings that align with each rack-mount space in the cabinet. Managing cables out the cabinet is easier and helps to keep equipment cool by preventing cable tangles that block airflow through the hot side of the cabinet.

  • Creates vertical and front-to-rear cable pathways
  • T-shaped cable finger guide cables
  • Vertical cable openings align with rack-mount spaces in the cabinet
  • Solid bottom with brushed cable access
  • Top is open over the front and rear vertical manager
  • Includes solid locking front and rear doors 


11/18/2018 2:27:28 AM